SwipeMediaMarker provides a powerful tool for creating impressive and mind-blowing interactive experiences and presentations. This software allows you to add touchable markers to access other applications, configurations, or content easily. Each marker has its specific media and background images, which you can swipe between to move seamlessly from one marker background to another.

With SwipeMediaMarker, you can create as many marker pages as you want, each with its own set of markers. Plus, you can add photos, videos, and PDF files displayed in an automatically generated menu. You can even attach jumps between pages to a marker to simplify navigation.

So using SwipeMediaMarker offers many advantages for creating unique and interactive presentations that are both engaging and effective.

The ability to open any Omnitapps app and customize (almost) anything makes SwipeMediaMarker unique.

Omnitapps software SwipeMediaMarker swipe media marker app demo video


Have a look at the 

Omnitapps software SwipeMediaMarker swipe media marker app demo video


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  • Create as many pages as you want (unlimited)

Fully customize your presentation.

  • Unlimited access to Omnitapps apps

Use as many apps as you want. Use the same apps multiple times in a mix with other apps, the possibilities are endless.

  • Add unlimited markers

Control how much of your presentation is clickable.

  • Marker positioning tool available

Decide where the markers are placed.

  • Jumping between pages can be linked to markers

Make your presentation clearer and link pages through the markers.

  • Draw marker function

Draw custom shaped transparent hit areas


  • Animated marker options

Make your markers more visible and let them automatically play as an animation

  • Possibility to lock on a page or make them swipeable

Make sure your audience does not accidentally go to another page.

  • Auto-generated media menus

This allows you to navigate through your presentation easily and quickly.

  • Optionally display thumbnail menu for fast navigation

This makes it even easier for your audience to find the information they want.

  • Request basket (email, QR code, print, and USB drive)

There are multiple ways for your audience to request the content they see. You decide which methods you want to use. Ideal as a lead generator.

  • Data stored in a local database

Get to your information quickly and easily.

Omnitapps SwipeMediaMarker multi-touch software app marker video

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