We create custom Games

Our experienced game developers are able to develop multitouch games for touchscreens like kiosks, touch tables or even touch video walls. A player can play these games alone or with more players.

Have a look at one of our custom-developed games below. Contact us here for more information.

Learning about red pandas in a playful way

Beautiful examples of custom developed games are the two games we created for a zoo-based in the Netherlands. The concept of both Games is designed by the company Peerdrops and the development of the games is done by Prestop.

The red pandas are in danger of extinction due to hunters and the disappearance of their habitat.  The two games are an interactive experience which creates more awareness for the extinction of the red pandas. By answering all the questions, the visitor becomes more aware of what can be done to reduce the dangers of the disappearance of the forest and the hunters hunting for red pandas.