Information, inspiration and insight with the Beeztees Puppy app

Beeztees is specialized in everything you can imagine for your pet. They offer accessories for dogs, cats, rodents, birds and fish. From dog toys to rabbit hutches and from scratching posts to bird houses.

Beeztees puppy app in garden centers

The arrival of a puppy is an exciting and festive moment for a dog owner, who needs a lot of information at this stage. Reason for Beeztees to develop a puppy concept with an extra service entirely focused on the development and growth stages of a puppy: the puppy app. A puppy goes through different stages, depending on the age of the puppy there are specific products available. At Beeztees they noticed that sometimes it was unclear to the customer when they need to use which products. With the puppy app they provide more insight, so it's clear at what stage a product is good for the puppy. After a short session with our designers, we made a software demo with Omnitapps.

Omnitapps' solution

For Beeztees we created an interactive puppy experience with Omnitapps. With the Beeztees Puppy app we used the SwipeMediaMarker app to inform about the growth stages of a puppy and to show when you need to use which products. Via ExternalApps customers can sign up for a puppy checklist. The puppy app is made to inspire and inform the consumer in the shop in a way that fits today's consumer, which should lead to sales. This is now available in garden centers in the Netherlands.


"Phase 1 was successful; to make a Beeztees puppy app. The second phase must show whether more products are being sold: that is certainly part of the plan. After a few months they will determine the next steps."
Jacco Buijs - Commercial Director at Beeztees

Puppy App

Beeztees Puppy app

Screenshots Beeztees Puppy app

Beeztees puppy app
Beeztees puppy app
Beeztees puppy app
Beeztees puppy app

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