Interactive experience for a tourist information center

SPPILL, a voluntary organization, has grown remarkably the past years. They are responsible for a large number of projects that strenghten the livability and local economy in a Dutch village called Liempde. The projects range from investments in nature, cultural history and recreation of public areas. One of SPPILL’s projects is a tourist information center in Liempde.

Point at issue

An old farmhouse is being renovated and converted to a tourist information center. This led to an important question: How will they show the history of the village and its surroundings? After consultation with Prestop, they wanted an interactive experience to provide information.

Omnitapps' solution

For SPPILL we made an interactive experience with Omnitapps that shows information about the village and its surrounding area. For example, visitors can explore the area on the touch screen and view information on topics such as: history and heritage, soil and landscape, flora and fauna, culture and the agricultural ecosystem. For this configuration we used only the SwipeMediaMarker app, because this app allows to create interactive elements on different pages.

SPPILL Information Touchtable Integrated

Interactive experience for tourists

Screenshots SPPILL app

SPPILL Omnitapps
SPPILL Omnitapps
SPPILL Omnitapps
SPPILL Omnitapps

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