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The Omnitapps Saam version is completely free. It is not for sale in the shop.

Download Omnitapps4 Composer


Omnitapps Composer is a multi-touch software to create interactive experiences.

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Download Omnitapps4 Games


Omnitapps4 Games consists of a selection of multi-user multi-touch games.

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Download Omnitapps4 Player


With Omnitapps Player you can run Composer configurations on a screen.

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Omnitapps Saam

Omnitapps Saam is our free software for people who want to entertain themselves.

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Demo Configurations

We created three free to download configurations to give you some ideas what you could be able to build with Omnitapps. Have a look at our cases for more examples. 

Museum Demo Configuration Omnitapps multi-touch software
Museum Demo
Retail Demo Configuration Omnitapps multi-touch software
Retail Demo
Corporate Demo Configuration Omnitapps multi-touch software
Corporate Demo