Add interactive experiences in your store with Omnitapps

It's clear that the retail landscape is evolving. As consumers continue to shift towards online shopping, brands must adapt to meet their changing behaviors. Interactive experiences are becoming increasingly important, as people prioritize engaging experiences. By creating in-store experiences, brands can effectively capture the attention of shoppers and showcase new products. Implementing interactive shop-in-shop solutions and endless aisles can help boost revenue. Touchscreens enable customers to browse the brand's complete online collection and explore different looks. We have curated a selection of interactive solutions to demonstrate the possibilities.

With Omnitapps4 Composer, you can easily create interactive configurations yourself so that your store and brand leave a lasting impression on the customers. The example retail configuration can be downloaded as inspiration and shows retailers using this software successfully. More retail demos, as an example, are available on request.

We are happy to advise you on how to use the software in the best way.

You can request the free retail demo at the bottom of the page.

Omnitapps4 Retail screenshot multi-touch application

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Retail Kids Corner

Personalise your own kids corner with Omnitapps4 Games. All games are customizable with your own content.
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Product Selector

Via a product selector customers can view your whole collection and make the right choice.
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Company Presentation

Present all your products and services in your store via an interactive presentation.
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