Interactive digital exhibits for museums with Omnitapps

Many museums have large art collections that are not exhibited most of the time. By displaying exhibits digitally with an interactive experience, you can show many objects with the accompanying information. Nowadays interactive solutions in museums are also used to collect data via a form or survey. With fun multi-touch games you can add a bit of fun for everyone. We have made a selection of interactive solutions to give you an idea of the possibilities.

Omnitapps4 Composer Museum is specially made for the museum industry and offers a unique way to create interactive digital exhibits. Show art collections by displaying exhibits digitally with an interactive experience, made with Omnitapps4 Composer Museum without writing a line of code. This user-friendly software consists of 24 apps and an extensive range of configurable options to create your own interactive experience with the look and feel you desire. Show your content such as photos, videos and brochures within a multi-touch environment or put objects in the spotlight through one of the games.

Museum Magazine

To give you an impression of the possibilities of using interactive screens with software, we have included several examples in the Museum Magazine.

Open Museum Magazine


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Donation Kiosk

Give your visitors the option to donate an amount of choice. Ideal for charities or to sponsor a project.

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Interactive Form

Via an interactive form you can collect data from your customers and visitors.
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Media Collection

MediaViewer makes it super easy to present your collection with your own content.
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Museum Survey

With an interactive survey you can quickly measure the popularity of a product or service. Data is saved automatically on your local pc.
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Museum Games

Entertain your audience with fun interactive games.
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Museum Timeline

Show your content categorized as milestones, dates, products and services. Let visitors swipe through a timeline of your own topics.
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