Custom software with a link to payment options

Custom Software can also be used to support non-profit organizations. These non-profit organizations are run by many volunteers and need some extra support from their locals. Prestop created a donation kiosk with a user-friendly interface linked with a payment system. No need to bring cash any longer; donate digitally.

Check out one of the custom software projects with a link to payment options below. Contact us here for more information.


Custom Donation Software for Donation Kiosk

Together with Easycollect, we created a custom software solution for the van Gogh Museum. This custom software provides our touchscreen kiosks with the possibility to support the museum via a donation. After touching the screen to leave the screensaver and to enter the donation page, you can choose a certain amount to donate. As there are many visitors from all around the world, there’s a language switcher included in the software. After the payment (via the payment terminal), a “Thank You” message will pop up, and the screensaver will start running again.

We used Omnitapps4 as the base for the van Gogh application for this custom software. The application is styled by the van Gogh Museum guidelines and has unique functionalities to keep the donation process as simple as possible for the user. Even the payment terminal is styled by the van Gogh Museum Guidelines.

Omnitapps Van Gogh donation software kiosk