Custom software with Object Recognition

Start using the latest techniques like object recognition to create new media experiences and to amaze your customers. A combination of fun, impressive techniques and interaction will give you a head start when it comes to store experience.

Check out one of the custom software projects with object recognition below. Contact us here for more information.


Object Recognition with watches from TW Steel

For TW Steel we created a remarkable custom software solution that completes the interactive and informative store experience. This application is created for a multitouch table and displays the TW steel watches in an innovative way.

On the multitouch table, you can place disks, which are linked to different types of watches, on the screen to read more information about the chosen watch. This information contains photos, text, and videos. By rotating the disks to the left or to the right you can swipe in between different pages. This object recognition software, together with the multitouch table, is a remarkable solution. The application is created within the Omnitapps4 Composer software, which has a user-friendly interface.