Custom software with RFID

Start using the latest techniques like object recognition and RFID to create new media experiences and to amaze your customers. A combination of fun, impressive techniques and interaction will give you a head start when it comes to the store experience.

Check out one of the custom software projects with RFID below. Contact us here for more information.

RFID linked with watches from TW Steel

For TW Steel, we created a great custom software solution that completes the interactive and informative store experience. This application is designed for a multitouch table, and an interactive mirror and innovatively displays the TW steel watches.

The custom software for the interactive mirror for TW Steel has built-in RFID readers to read objects with RFID tags. This mirror is an excellent match for TW Steel. Not only can you see how the watch looks on your wrist, but you can also read more information about the watch itself. The built-in touchscreen in the mirror allows the user to switch between photos, videos, and text. When lifting a watch from the shelf, the mirror will show the information about the watch on the screen.

Have a look at the screenshots and video under them.

Omnitapps RFID reader TW Steel custom software
Omnitapps RFID reader TW Steel custom software
Omnitapps RFID reader TW Steel screenshot custom software

Have a look at the demo video