Guestbook app

Offer visitors the option to leave a note or review in your guestbook. People can enter their message about their stay in your hotel or company. They are nicely sorted by time and editable for the administrator. With the profanity filter (swear filter), you can add words that are not allowed and are offensive to others.

Features of the Guestbook app

  • Get reviews/notes from visitors
    • You can effortlessly gather genuine reviews and notes from your visitors. By giving them a platform to express their thoughts, you create an open channel of communication that fosters trust and transparency.
  • Messages sorted by time
    • Our guestbook app streamlines the process by automatically sorting messages based on the time they were submitted. This chronological organization ensures that you never miss any feedback and allows you to respond promptly to your guests.
  • Editable for administrator
    • You have the flexibility to edit guestbook entries when necessary. Our guestbook app empowers you to correct any errors, moderate content, or remove inappropriate remarks.



  • Profanity filter
    • Allows you to add specific words that are not permitted and may offend others. This filter automatically detects and blocks any inappropriate language, ensuring that your guestbook remains a welcoming space for all visitors.
  • Configurable form fields
    • Our guestbook app offers configurable form fields, allowing you to tailor the information you collect from your visitors. Whether you want to include specific questions or request additional details, our flexible form fields enable you to gather the data that matters most to your business.
  • Customizable interface settings
    • You have the freedom to customize the interface settings to align with your brand aesthetics.

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