Why Buwatec acquired a 49-inch kiosk with Omnitapps for trade shows

Recently, Buwatec, a well-known supplier of personalized water tanks and storage systems, made a remarkable investment in their marketing efforts. They acquired a 49-inch kiosk equipped with Omnitapps trade show software, enabling them to showcase their products and services in an interactive and captivating manner to prospective clients.

Prestop's advanced 49-inch kiosk for maximum attention at trade shows

Prestop's 49-inch kiosk is an advanced interactive display designed specifically to capture the attention of trade show visitors. With its impressive size and clear image quality, this display provides an optimal presentation opportunity for Buwatec. With the addition of the powerful Omnitapps software, Buwatec can easily customize the content of the display and add interactive features.

Enhance interactive experiences at trade shows with Omnitapps

The new kiosk allows Buwatec to engage trade show visitors in a unique and engaging way. They can display interactive presentations, play videos, and games, and share product information. This enables potential customers to better understand Buwatec's products and services and create a deeper connection with the brand. Buwatec recently applied this innovative solution during their participation at the World Horti Center.

Prestop 49 inch kiosk with Omnitapps

Omnitapps applications for interactive trade show experience

For Buwatec, we configured several Omnitapps applications to give their trade show visitors a great experience. Below is an overview of their apps used:

  1. Survey - This app allows visitors to express their needs, giving Buwatec insight into their needs and requirements.

  2. Form - Visitors can leave their contact information through this app, allowing Buwatec to easily get in touch with them after the trade show.

  3. Memo Game - This app provides playful entertainment, introducing visitors to Buwatec's various products in a fun way.

  4. Media Timeline - Visitors can view Buwatec's products at their leisure and zoom in on details using this app.

  5. Media Swipe - This app allows visitors to view full-screen reference photos to get a good idea of the features.

Check out some screenshots of the apps below and request a similar solution yourself now

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Omnitapps Screenshot
Omnitapps Screenshot
Omnitapps Screenshot
Omnitapps Screenshot
Omnitapps Screenshot
Omnitapps Screenshot