Match multi-touch game

Are you ready to put your own content in the spotlight? Then Omnitapps MatchGame is just what you're looking for! This competitive multi-touch game allows you to play with 1, 2 or 4 players. We have designed this game so that it is easy to fill it with your own images. Moreover, you can create your own categories and select the content you want to display. Drag and drop the right images to the appropriate category to win the game!


  • Easy to configure: drag and drop images in a folder

Setting up Omnitapps MatchGame is extremely easy. Just drag and drop your images to the designated folder, and the game takes care of the rest. No more fussing with complicated settings!

  • Multiplayer game for 1, 2 or 4 players

Whether you play alone, with a friend or visitor, or in a group of four, Omnitapps MatchGame adapts to your preference. Play socially together and prove who is the ultimate matchmaker!


  • Customizable categories

We understand your content is unique, so you can easily create categories. This way, you can make the gaming experience even more personal. Unleash your creativity and enjoy a game that fits you perfectly.

  • Redesigned graphics

Not only the game content is customizable, but also the visual design has undergone a complete overhaul. Dive into a fresh and modern visual experience as you concentrate on finding the perfect combinations.

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