Tourist experience for VVV

The VVV is a place to get inspiration for your Zeeland holiday. You can go there for all kinds of information on Zeeland, its attractions and accommodation (from hotel to campsite and more). You can also ask employees; they have an in-depth knowledge of the region and are more than willing to give you extra tips or inspiration for a unique holiday. A one-stop point where you can get everything for your holiday, both locally and in advance.

Point at issue

To create more experience in the VVV stores, they developed a new store concept, including interactive touchscreen solutions. In collaboration with Prestop, they determined which interactive touchscreen solutions should be added to the stores.

Omnitapps' solution

For VVV, we made a unique interactive tourist app with Omnitapps. Via this app, visitors can find information about sights in the area. The kids can play fun games on the touchscreen table, such as shuffleboard. The VVV app is built with SwipeMediaMarker, MediaSwipeQuizGame and ShuffleGame. In addition to the multi-touch software, we also supplied a mix of hardware, varying from touchscreens and touch tables.


"Prestop thinks along, switches quickly and delivers on time. The sixth VVV Inspiration Point is now a fact. On to the next. "
Martijn Kapel - VVV

Omnitapps tourist experience for VVV

Tourist experience app for VVV

Screenshot VVV Tourist app

Omnitapps VVV Tourist app
Omnitapps VVV Tourist app
Omnitapps VVV Tourist app
Omnitapps VVV Tourist app
Omnitapps VVV Tourist app

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