Tangible history at Averbode Abbey

Averbode Abbey has a rich history which already spans ten centuries. It was founded in 1134 (in Belgium), and its activities soon included agriculture to ensure its sustainability. Over the centuries, however, the abbey faced many trials such as looting, fires and the plague. From the 19th century onwards, the abbey began to flourish once more. Monastic life was resumed, and it became the hub of many activities, such as missionary work and a publishing house. Today Averbode Abbey faces a bright future with a wide range of products and a brand new centre with interactive experiences.

Point at issue

Averbode Abbey had planned a renovation of its experience centre, and they sought an interactive solution to explain its history and products. Because Prestop specializes in interactive solutions, both hardware and software, they came to us for advice. Together we started a project to develop a suitable interactive solution to activate and inform visitors.

Omnitapps' solution

Averbode Abbey built an interactive experience with Omnitapps to show their history and products in a fun and interactive way. Visitors can quickly find their way around the Abbey with an interactive map. And their youngest guests can play many multi-touch games! To make the Averbode Abbey app, they used SwipeMediaMarkerk, MediaTimeLine, MemoGame and PuzzleGame.

Omnitapps for Averbode Abbey

Interactive Experience Averbode Abbey

More information

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