Digital archive DAF Museum with Omnitapps

Wednesday 17 July 2019

The history of DAF goes back to 1928, when the brothers Hub and Wim van Doorne build the foundation what is now known as DAF Trucks. The DAF Museum has a large archive of unique content from DAF vehicles and this is something that they want to share with their visitors.

Togehter, Prestop and Mart Erren from DAF Museum, we have chosen for interactive touchscreen tables with Omnitapps. Prestop Creations build an interactive experience for DAF Museum with Omnitapps, all in there own look and feel. For example, with the MediaTimeLine app, photos and videos are displayed in a horizontal timeline for each car. Beside of that there is also more entertainment. Omnitapps also have the possibility to make your own games. DAF has made their own  puzzle and memory game in their own style.


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