Connecting Mobility informs visitors with Omnitapps Composer

Tuesday 22 August 2017

Connecting Mobility – a company that provides overview and insight into the development of innovative mobility solutions – wanted an interactive presentation to show all their different facilities and participating parties in a fun and easy way.

We knew immediately that Omnitapps Composer was the perfect multi-touch software to make a custom interactive presentation. Because they didn’t have the means to make the presentation themselves, Omnivision Studios made a customized Omnitapps configuration that allows them to show photos, videos, brochures and websites. Connecting Mobility is using this interactive presentation on a touch table at trade shows on their booth to show information. So, if users use the touch table, they can choose between the different facilities and learn more about them.

For this configuration we used the following application:

– SwipeMediaMarker – A great app to make an interactive presentation with interactive elements on different pages.