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The Dutch Life Sciences & Health (LSH) sector is one of the nine top sectors in the Netherlands. Health Holland, a top sector appointed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, is selected on the basis of its ability to contribute to global social issues. In March 2018, the BIO-Europe Spring trade show took place in Amsterdam, organized by Health Holland. More than 2,500 life sciences professionals visited the trade show to network, get information and attend education sessions. As an ambassador for the Dutch Life Sciences sector, Health Holland was looking for an interactive and sustainable solution of information provision. Above all, it had to be a paperless solution.

Point at issue

The pavilion of Health Holland was a real eye-catcher. The participating partners who wanted to share their information with visitors would have caused an abundance of brochures and brochures. In addition to the fact that our pavilion offered no room for that, that situation would be an enormous 'waste of paper'. Not sustainable and totally inefficient. They asked Prestop to advise on a 'paperless solution'. Digital presentation, preferably interactive and with a piece of a genuine activation.

Omnitapps' solution

We made an interactive presentation with Omnitapps for Health~Holland. The Health~Holland app - built with SwipeMediaMarker, BrochureRequest, VideoPlayer, ShuffleGame and QuizGame - allows them to show content in an interactive way. By adding a shuffle game and an interactive quiz, the user can switch from product information to just play a fun game.


"The interactive presentation, displayed on a touchscreen table, was ideal for displaying the variety and complementarity of the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector, formally and informally. Given our wishes, it seamlessly matched what we had in mind."
Jannica Swieringa - Health Holland

Health Holland Corporate Presentation

Interactive experience Health Holland

Screenshots Health Holland app

Health Holland Omnitapps Configuratie
Health Holland Omnitapps Configuratie
Health Holland Omnitapps Configuratie
Health Holland Omnitapps Configuratie

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