Corporate presentation for Connecting Mobility at trade shows

Connecting Mobility – a company that provides overview and insight into the development of innovative mobility solutions – acts as a catalyst for the transition to smart mobility in the Netherlands and creates neccessary actions and preconditions.


Point at issue

Connecting Mobility wanted an interactive presentation to show all their different facilities and participating Dutch companies at an international trade show. From different companies, content had to be collected and transformed into an interactive presentation in a short period of time.


Omnitapps' solution

The client didn't have the time to make the interactive presentation themselves, so we made it for them. To make this interactive corporate presentation we only used the SwipeMediaMarker app. This app - created with Omnitapps - allows them to show photos, videos, brochures and websites, for each company. No matter which trade show or event Connecting Mobility will go to, they are using the interactive presentation on touchscreens and touch tables on their booth. Attendees can view information about different facilities of the companies and learn more about them.

Screenshot Connecting Mobility app

Connecting Mobility Omnitapps
Connecting Mobility Omnitapps
Connecting Mobility Omnitapps
Connecting Mobility Omnitapps

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