Showroom experience at BAS Trucks

Since the 90s, BAS Trucks has specialized in procuring and selling used trucks, buses, construction machines, parts and tyres. For the video walls and touchscreens in their showroom, we made an interactive experience with Omnitapps Composer.

Point at issue

BAS Trucks had planned the construction of a new commercial reception area, and the need arose for new touch solutions. Bas Verheij from BAS Trucks explains: “Our new reception area has interactive touch solutions across the space. We have switched from multiple areas to a single area and want our customers to have access to all the services we offer within that space. Innovative modernization had to be implemented; we aim to be a trendsetter within our sector.” To follow through on the design and assess the latest touch solutions on the market, BAS Trucks approached Prestop to create an interactive experience to present their vehicles.

Omnitapps' solution

For the entrance, Prestop supplied three touch video walls with an interactive experience made with Omnitapps. The interactive experience for BAS Trucks is made with the SwipeMediaMarker app. Using one of the screens, they can clearly display their service provision options, options for comparison and their bespoke solutions.


"Prestop embodies a good price-quality ratio and is service-oriented. Problems are promptly resolved, with Prestop proactively offering solutions."
Bas Verheij and Bart Govers - BAS Trucks

Showroom experience BAS Trucks Omnitapps

Showroom experience BAS Trucks

Screenshot BAS Trucks app

Bas Trucks Omnitapps app
Bas Trucks Omnitapps app
Bas Trucks Omnitapps app

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