Release notes Omnitapps


  • Homebuttons are no longer shown in the Configurator.
  • Added Chromium in the installation. This can be used in ExternalApps as browser.
  • Added a function to the screensaver function: Setting the “activate after..” to 0 will now result in a back-to-menu action.
  • Changed the watermark for the trial mode to a graphic in the bottom right corner.
  • Fixed a bug where you could scroll options out of the visible area in “applications”.
  • Fixed the working of the tab key in the onscreen keyboard for several apps.



  • You can now use the arrows on your keyboard to nudge a marker a pixel in any direction when using the marker placement preview screen.
  • Fixed a bug concerning drawing a custom marker. Before sometimes a previously created anchorpoint would disappear.
  • Saving when in the maker placement preview screen now correctly saves the position and size of all markers.



  • New interface options added: colors, borders, transparency and corder radius for questions. 
  • Added custom fail/correct image options.
  • Fixed a bug with the BorderSize. This could not be set to 0 which has now been made possible.
  • The victory window background color is now customizable
  • Fixed a bug concerning the Positive and Negative sound effects which didn’t work correctly.
  • Added a “back to menu when finished” for this app.
  • Added a new preloader image.
  • Added a legend image for ‘interface settings’.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the answer would incorrectly get a close button image on top of it.
  • Fixed a bug where you could ‘throw’ media out of the screen bounds.



  • It’s now possible to use a different background for one player and two players.
  • Choose close now closes the application instead of restarting it.



  • Fixed a bug concerning the annotation function in MediaViewer. Sometimes the UI would move out of bounds in mouse mode.



  • The slideshow will now automatically continue after playing a video.



  • Removed the ‘cancel’ button on the form as it didn’t do anything useful.