Previous editions

Previous editions of Composer:

  • Omnitapps Composer
  • Omnitapps Composer Advanced
  • Omnitapps Composer Basic
  • Omnitapps Composer Ultimate

Previous editions of Player:

  • Omnitapps Player
  • Omnitapps Player Advanced
  • Omnitapps Player Basic
  • Omnitapps Player Ultimate

Other previous editions:

  • Omnitapps Showcase
  • Omnitapps Games

Switch to Omnitapps4 in 3 steps

Omnitapps4 is a complete new product with a different license structure. You can't use an old configuration made with a previous version in Omnitapps4. To create and play interactive experiences (configurations) you have to complete the following steps:

Step 1: Click here to make an account and confirm registration.
Step 2: Go to licenses and import your Omnitapps license keys.
Step 3: Make a new configuration in Omnitapps4

New! Omnitapps4

Omnitapps4 is a complete new user-friendly multi-touch software that offers you a unique way to create interactive experiences to present your products and services. With 24 apps and a large range of configurable options you can create your own interactive experience – without coding - with the look and feel you desire. Show your own content such as photos, videos and brochures within a multi-touch environment or put your products in the spotlight through one of the games.


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