Video: State of Art Menswear at the Mall of the Netherlands

A retail experience like no other

At State of Art Menswear in the chic Mall of the Netherlands, we realized two dazzling presentations. We adapted Omnitapps to State of Art's corporate identity and showed it on two screens. Both screens had different functions, creating a fantastic customer experience. Although the setup has since changed, it was a hit with customers and offered shoppers a unique and engaging experience.

Control an external video wall with Omnitapps

On one of the screens, visitors have control over a video wall. The small screen in the kiosk displays a background with short clips of videos. When a visitor presses one of those thumbnails, the video appears on the large video wall behind the Porsche on display! This allows the clothing brand to show the best videos that clearly convey the brand's message. This is a custom variant of the SwipeMediaMarker. So we can create a custom variant of Omnitapps for you.

Product information, brand info and interactive elements

The other screen highlights the brand, its rich history, breathtaking Porsches and the ability to sign up for the newsletter and social media. This is a unique variation of the SwipeMediaMarker. On our social media pages you will find QR codes that take you directly to our State of Art Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn pages. In addition, we also have a QR code to sign up for their newsletter easily.

Check out application videos and a demo below!

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State of Art Menswear software presentatie
State of Art Menswear demo