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Omnitapps4 Composer

We are happy to announce our new multi-touch software: Omnitapps4

Omnitapps4 consists of new products such as Omnitapps4 Composer, Omnitapps4 Player and Omnitapps4 Games.

Create interactive experiences with Omnitapps4

This user-friendly multi-touch software offers a unique way to create interactive experiences to present products and services. With 24 apps and a large range of configurable options you can create an interactive experience with the look and feel you desire. For all screen resolutions. Without coding!


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Omnitapps4 BattleQuiz
Omnitapps4 MediaTiles


  • One price for 24 different apps
  • Unlimited use of apps
  • Faster, better and easier configuration tool
  • Redesigned templates and configurator
  • Draw marker function: design your own markers to make an accurate and user-friendly interface
  • Animated marker options: make your markers more visible and let them automatically play as an animation
  • Lead Generator: Media can be requested via a CC email option (requests can be divided)
  • Create a media tiles wall with the MediaTiles app. A powerful presentation tool to impress the audience


  • Airhockey Game: Beat opponents with this fun multiplayer Game. Up to six players!
  • BattleQuiz Game: Make your own battle quiz. A great game for Triviant masters!
  • Swipe content to a second display
  • Multi-touch and single-touch operational
  • Included with one year support (help desk) and updates
  • Resolution independent (full HD, 4K, video walls, etc.)
  • Compatible with any Windows hardware
  • Supports over 15 languages (front-end)
  • Player available for running Composer configurations
  • Online license management (cloud-based)

What does this mean for Omnitapps Composer?

Omnitapps4 is a completely new product with a different license structure, and that's why it's not possible to upgrade Omnitapps Composer to Omnitapps4. We do offer the service to remake your presentation on the new Omnitapps4.

Omnitapps Composer configurations in Omnitapps4

Do you want to use your Omnitapps Composer configuration in Omnitapps4? That's possible! Please contact us for a free proposal.

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