National Museum of Antiquities uses Form app for giveaways

Friday 21 July 2023

Situated in the heart of the Netherlands, the Rijksmuseum of Antiquities stands as a captivating repository of history and culture. As one of the oldest national museums in the country, it takes visitors on an enthralling voyage through the realms of antiquity. Boasting a vast collection of archaeological discoveries, artifacts, and relics, this museum weaves together the narratives of ancient civilizations and their enduring impact on our modern world. Delving into its wealth of historical riches, visitors can traverse the captivating tales of Egyptian pharaohs, the dominion of the Romans, and the emergence of Dutch culture. The Rijksmuseum of Antiquities guarantees a captivating and enlightening experience for all enthusiasts of history and culture.

Through two Omnitapps-powered information kiosks, visitors have the chance to win a family trip, a prize package, or a €100 shopping credit!

Convenient and streamlined: Digitally complete forms on the info kiosk

Bid farewell to the time-consuming task of manual form filling at the National Museum of Antiquities. Visitors can now effortlessly complete digital forms on a 22-inch touchscreen information kiosk provided by Prestop. This modern approach ensures a smooth and efficient data entry process. Powered by Omnitapps Form, the kiosks feature forms seamlessly integrated with the museum's branding, maintaining a cohesive visual identity.

Versatility and mobility: Movable information kiosk

The Rijksmuseum of Antiquities recognizes the importance of flexibility and mobility, so the information kiosk is designed to be easily movable. Equipped with wheels, it can be effortlessly relocated to different rooms. This flexibility allows the museum to offer the digital form experience precisely where it is most required, without time-consuming installations or resource allocation.


Rijksmuseum van Oudheden Prestop information kiosk omnitapps giveaway

Omnitapps in combination with occasion info kiosks

Omnitapps runs on any touchscreen device with Windows, and the ones that the National Museum of Antiquities has, are Prestop's Economy Line kiosks. These kiosks are available as occasion items at a competitive price. They have undergone thorough refurbishment and have been meticulously cleaned, making them an attractive option for those seeking information kiosks at an affordable price.

Multi-touch software for museums   Explore Prestop's range of occasion information kiosks   


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