KARWEI hardware stores with Omnitapps Door Selector

Friday 12 July 2019

In the newly renovated KARWEI Q-stores, frequent use is made of interactive solutions such as large format touchscreens, custom touchscreen tables and the KARWEI Door Selector. As a result, more experience is created on the shop floor and that the customers love it. The KARWEI employees can also view the entire assortment together with the customer and give immediate advice.

Custom made KARWEI Door Selector app

Prestop Creations made a custom multi-touch app, the KARWEI Door Selector. With this app customers can look up all the doors in an interactive way. This app is installed in KARWEI Q-stores on a large format touchscreen.


New: Omnitapps4

This user-friendly multi-touch software offers a unique way to create interactive experiences to present products and services. With 24 apps and a large range of configurable options you can create an interactive experience with the look and feel you desire. For all screen resolutions. Without coding!


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