Interactive video wall with Omnitapps for Porsche

Porsche's Omnitapps presentation on an interactive video wall

For Porsche Netherlands, we were asked if we could replace an existing, non-interactive piece of furniture. We installed a great interactive video wall with Omnitapps in Move Amsterdam. Omnitapps is not only suitable for single screens but also video walls. This video wall comprises four 55" touch tiles. This allows an interactive experience of an excellent multi-touch presentation on, in essence, a 110" touch screen.

Making the presentation yourself through training

After it quickly became apparent that Omnitapps became the right choice for the video wall, it was decided that Porsche's content partner, AGH & Friends, would throw themselves over the presentation. They received a total of four hours of training. After one training session, they could start working with the software themselves. During the second training session, they sat down with our Omnitapps specialist to look at some stumbling points, areas for improvement and general questions they had in creating their configuration.

Visit our showroom and get inspired.

Of course, you can also see the various applications of Omnitapps in our Interactive Experience Center, as well as other solutions with the 55" touch tiles.

More info, demo or quotation?

You can find more info on the video wall page and on the Omnitapps page.

Move is located in a building designed by architect Jan Wils, who also designed the Olympic Stadium. The address is Stadionplein 28 Amsterdam.