Custom Omnitapps app part of unique 5D experience at THIS IS HOLLAND

Thursday 14 June 2018

With Omnitapps we made a custom THIS IS HOLLAND app that lets you experience the Netherlands. A large map of the Netherlands is located in the middle of the Holland Lounge, where the flight plans of 22 locations are visible. On three touchscreens with the THIS IS HOLLAND app, visitors can separately look up all sorts of information about the locations such as special images and old prints. The story of the locations will become visible and will be transformed into an interactive experience!


With Omnitapps we made a different THIS IS HOLLAND app for each touchscreen. Each app has different colors, another start and end location of the flight routes. When the flight route is chosen, it will be shown - realtime - on the large map, which is projected by a beamer.


Custom creations

A unique 5D flying experience

The Holland Lounge is part of THIS IS HOLLAND and is a unique 5D flying experience that lets you experience the Netherlands. Breathtaking film images offer you a spectacular perspective from the air and new insights into how the Netherlands originated. With surprising special effects and a huge spherical screen, you feel like you’re flying over the must-sees. Fly like a bird and be surprised by the diversity, beauty and richness of this beautiful country.

This is holland app