Store experience for Van Westen

Van Westen is a store specializing in men's fashion. The store has various shop-in-shop concepts from major brands. In addition to the store they have a webshop where the customers can choose out of the complete collection, which is only available online.

Point at issue

Van Westen wanted more experience in their fashion store. An interactive experience to show collections, promotions, information about the company and give access to webshops. To complete the interactive experience they wanted to add entertainment.

Omnitapps' solution

We created an interactive store experience for Van Westen. The Van Westen app makes it possible for customers and sales staff to view new collections, webshops, fashion magazines, videos and the company's history. The collection is constantly changing, which is why the apps are configurated that it's easy to change the content.


"With the Van Westen app, made with Omnitapps, we can implement our online and offline strategy. A big improvement for us! We no longer have to sell no to our customers, because we can directly view our stock on the web via the Van Westen app. Customers can order and pay directly in the store and choose to deliver or pick up."
Johan van Westen - Van Westen

Store experience Van Westen

Screenshots Van Westen app

Van Westen Omnitapps
Van Westen Omnitapps
Van Westen Omnitapps
Van Westen Omnitapps

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