Free Omnitapps Saam Software

Thursday 30 April 2020

Omnitapps Saam is our new free multi-touch software with great applications. Designed for the people who feel lonely during these tough Corona times. This user-friendly software contains 8 different applications that are easy to use. With the software, you can easily create applications with personal content like old family photos or videos of the grandchildren. So even though you can’t visit your loved ones, they can at least have a look at all the good memories and even play fun games with personalized photos.

A beautiful experience for the people who you care for

Play the memory game with photos of your family or play a puzzle with a family photo. Scroll through a timeline containing photos and videos from certain years or periods. Watch videos with the Videoplayer or guess who is who with the MediaTiles.

For the creatives, there’s also an app that allows you to make drawings or swipe through some photos and videos of your loved ones. Or simply call your friends and family all at the same time with the video call application.

Discover Omnitapps Saam

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Start creating a personalized Omnitapps Saam for your loved ones

Volunteers, family members, loved ones or anyone with the knowledge of Windows can set up Omnitapps Saam. This user-friendly software is designed to be easy to use, all you need to do is collect beautiful photos or videos from your family and friends. No need for any photo editing skills, the user manual guides you through all the steps.


Download the free Omnitapps Saam software

Screens from the Omnitapps Saam applications